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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Photo A Day - February Challenge - Day 16

Have you ever met someone whose generosity of spirit warms your heart. Have you ever met someone who welcomes you in to their home and heart without hesitation. Have you ever met someone who has struggled with adversity and always seems to continue to smile. I have, and her name is Dorothy and I would like to share a little about her here.

Dorothy and I on 1.1.1995 at my eldest daughter's wedding
(oh and for those that don't know - I am the one with the poodle hair - LOL)

We met through the local kindergarten, I was new to the area and my eldest daughter started at Kindy. Dorothy was one of the first people I met and straight away she offered the hand of friendship, she didn't know me, but that didn't matter. That is just who Dorothy is.

For more than 10 years we lived in the same suburb. For 7 of those years we probably saw each other every day. Even when I went back to work we would see each other at least once a week.

Dorothy was always there for me, probably more than I ever was there for her - she baked and my family always got some, she sewed - and made clothes for my girls. In fact her generosity kept my kids in clothes - I only had to buy the fabric and she sewed them for me, but quite often when she had left over fabric from sewing for her kids she also sewed up something for them just because she could.

When I went back to work and was struggling to find clothes to wear, she sewed tops for me. She would never take any money for the work - she just did it because that is who she is.

There were so many great mornings when we would drop our kids off at school and then go back to Dorothys for coffee and I would find myself still there when it was time to pick up the kids, we just clicked and could talk for hours on end.

We worked together on the P&C both at the Kindy and the primary school - and here she gave of herself more than anyone I knew. She was always helping in the canteen, always helping in the library - she just gave so much of herself - never asking for anything back.

Then one day she and her family moved away to a little town down south, I was heart-broken, for even though I was working by this time and we didn't see each other every day, we were still best friends and caught up when we could and chatted on the phone all the time.

Not long after they moved Dorothy was diagnosed with 4 brain tumors and had to undergo 3 different brain surgeries with high risks involved and yet when I visited her in hospital up here in Perth, there was always a smile on her face and a positive way forward focus. She had to have her head shaved but she didn't hide away from the world - no she sewed turbans of different colours that she proudly wore. Then she sewed some more and donated them to the hospital for others - that is just who Dorothy is.

We gradually lost contact as it was hard because I worked and weekends were filled with catching up on housework and running my kids around - you know the normal working parents life. A couple of times I managed to get down to visit her and she and her hubby made the trip up for my eldest daughter's 21st and then for her wedding. We would occasionally chat on the phone, but money was tight for both families and phone bills needed to be kept down and so the phone calls slowly stopped.

The last time I saw Dorothy would have been about 12 years ago, it was just after my eldest grand-daughter was born. Every year Dorothy remembers my birthday and sends a card - she has never missed a year while I on the other hand always remember her on the day but am so unorganised I rarely send a card.

Today Dorothy turns 60 and on Friday I get to meet her again for lunch. I am driving down to share my day off with her and I can't wait because I know it will be just like we spoke yesterday. How do I know it will be - why because that is who she is. Dorothy just loves you because she can.

She is a lady who's spirit shines forth and bathes you in it is warmth. Happy Birthday my dear friend.


  1. What a lovely, lovely tribute! You make me want to be like Dorothy, although I don't know if I am capable of possessing such a large capacity of loving and giving! Thank you for sharing, hope you have a wonderful visit with your old friend!

  2. Thanks for sharing that, what a wonderful person she is. Make sure you get her email and tell her about your blog!!

  3. Dorothy sounds like a gorgeous person. Have a wonderful time catching up!

  4. Karen, I am so glad you are finally getting together with Dorothy after all these years and for such a special occasion, her 60th birthday.
    Please do give her my love and wish her all the best for the rest of her life.
    She was indeed a wonderful friend to you and I remember years ago when we used to go to bingo together at Cannington. They were real fun days.
    We still receive Christmas greetings from Dorothy and Bill....she never forgets us and we do reciprocate.
    A lovely lady one can be proud to call a friend.

  5. Just an afterthought.....could you have someone take a photo of the two of you together. It would be a lovely memento.

  6. Oh yes, do get your photo taken together!

    Thank you for sharing this, what a beautiful story about an obviously gorgeous friend.

  7. Happy Birthday Dorothy :) . She sounds like an amazing woman and friend Kakka. Sounds like you have a wonderful friday coming up catching up with her :)



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