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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Photo A Day - February Challenge - Day 6

In my Photo A Day February - Day 4 post, I shared with you my favourite colour, so it should surprise no-one that when I popped into a little gift shop on Thursday (because they had a sale on) what should I buy but some things in my favourite colour. There are these 2 fabulous little glass tealight candle holders (above) and the most gorgeous cushion in a colour called peacock - how apt is that name - and best of all - the cushion (including insert and it is a big cushion) cost me just $23.80.

Best of all, I found the tealight candles in the scent I just love - ginger spice & cinnamon - a subtle beautiful scent that doesn't affect my allergies. Today they are alight all around my house - so everywhere I go I can smell them.

Total spent $69.90 and because everything was on sale I got 3 packs of candles (with 12 tealights in each pack), 2 cushions (got a great red one for my daughter), 3 glass tealight candle holders and a partner tealight candle holder for the one I showed you on Day 4 - so I now have one for each bedside cabinet.

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