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Monday, February 22, 2010

Who'd Of Thought This Could Happen?

Imagine my surprise this morning when 3 steps into the pool I trod on something sharp, thought it was a small rock took another step came back to the same foot and ouch, no there was something stuck in my foot. A very large stud earring must have found its way onto the floor of the pool and there is was now sticking out of my foot. Took a bit of effort to pull it out, but hey I am brave. Kept on walking with now slightly sore ball of my foot but I wasn't getting out of the pool for anyone.

On the way to work I suddenly started thinking about how long it was since I had renewed my tetanus shots - like 22 years long - so rang the doctors thinking they would say don't worry, but no luck there. On the way home I got a tetanus shot - just hoping I don't get the normal reaction of a large red swelling - nothing is keeping me out of the pool tomorrow though. Let's just hope I don't find the earrings partner - LOL.


  1. Exactly what I thought... OUCH!

    subbic - submerged junk ie icky stuff under water

  2. Wow! You ARE dedicated!! NOTHING's going to stop you! LOVE it!!

  3. I do hope you are going to be OK. Keep an eye on that foot just in case you should need antibiotics if it turns nasty. Hopefully the chemicals in the pool will counteract any germs. Let me know how you are please.

  4. Ouch! Was it a diamond stud at least? ;) I hope that you don't have much swelling and can jump right back in tomorrow :)

  5. Thanks everyone for your concern, my foot is fine - just had to keep swabbing it with betadine. My arm so far is just sore - no reaction of the red and swollen kind so all is good. The water at the pool was so warm this morning it was so soothing.

    Jen - it was a large fake diamond stud - does that count?

    Madmother - cool interpretation of the word verification



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