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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What Do You Think?

Anyone who has been following for a while would have read that my Water Walking is basically to get fit, if I loose weight and inches that is a bonus but I have not wanted to complicate my goal or to change my focus in case I get disappointed - if I don't lose weight.

So I have not measured myself, nor weighed myself at this point. I have a rough idea of what I weigh but not an exact figure.

This last week I feel different, I still look the same in the mirror, but I feel thinner especially around my lower chest area - just below where my bra sits.

Now when you are obese like I am, it takes a long time to see changes in the mirror, but I feel thinner all over really, but especially as I said around my lower chest.

So, do I break my rule and weigh and measure myself, or do I just keep going with my goal being to get fit?

It is quite possible that I feel thinner because my core muscles have tightened up as I am really concentrating on holding my core straight when I am in the water and maybe that is why I am getting the feeling of this area being thinner.

One part of me says to leave my goal as only getting fit, but the other part of me is really curious. I am just scared of opening Pandora's box - because when I do, the focus will change, I just know it will.

I would really value your opinions as I know a lot of you are on the same path as I am at the moment, even if you have significantly less weight to lose than I have.


  1. I have always liked to keep an eye on the kilos even though I don't really want to know my weight.
    Some say forget scales completely but if you weigh no more than once a week or even once a month, it is a great thrill to see some weight lost, even if not a huge amount.
    There can be a drawback though if you have not exercised for some time....muscle weighs more than fat and even if your shape has improved it doesn't always means the kilos have vanished.
    I am not dieting and can't do much exercise but I still weigh myself every Sunday morning...I am a devil for punishment.

  2. Eeeek. Tough choice. As someone who was addicted to weighing in, I see your dilema.

    Is there an item of clothing you can use as your meauring stick instead of those pesky scales?

    OR, do you have access to some scales that measure water and body fat and muscle % instead of just kg's?

  3. In uni I decided to go on a diet and exercise because I didn't fit in my clothes anymore. I did the most basic thing, bought a fat counting calorie type book from the newsagents and just worked out the amount of fat I was eating each day and I exercised daily. This was the first time in my life I consciously did something like this and yet I didn't step on the scales at all. I just did it and measured my success by my clothes size decreasing. I wish I could say that I have been able to do weightloss so carefreely since but I haven't. It was the best and most successful weight loss, abd the easiest and most enjoyable I have ever done I think because the focus (and disapointmdnt if the numbers didn't go thd right way) was eliminated. I'm not sure what you should do ad I know the hold the numbers on the scale have on me too now, but thought I would share that experience I had. :)

  4. Here's what I've learned about my own weight loss that's weird. My weight fluctuates so much day to day, (especially when I'm dieting) that if I AM going to weigh myself, I must do it EVERY morning! If i only did it once in a while, I might end up doing it on a "heavier" day, and depress myself!

    While I think it would be better to just go by how your clothes fit, if you DO choose to go the scale route, maybe do it on more than one day (also, first thing in the morning is best!!).

    Hope that helps!! Good luck!

  5. I've always thought it better to measure by your clothes than by a scale.. especially when your original goal is not to loose kg's but get fit. And as mentioned, muscles weigh more than fat. I don't even own a scale, for this reason only. My clothes will tell me anyway how I'm doing, without the stress of numbers.

  6. I am trying to get fit at the minute too. My original goal was like yours, to get fit and not worry so much about the weight, figuring it will follow. I am going to a gym where you can be weighed monthly and I alternately look forward to and dread it. Last night was my turn, and I thought I'd lost very little and in fact I had lost 2.6kg in a month! So although it has given me a huge boost, it so could have gone the other way with next to no loss (or even a gain) even though I may feel one way or the other about it in myself.

    So given all you've said, and the fact that you know it will change the focus for you, I'd say don't weigh and take your success by the way your clothes feel. Afterall you'll be toning as well as possible weight loss. When you feel it is time for new, smaller pants, maybe that would be the time to weigh as you know for sure there will have been loss and it will give you a boost then. Right now it may be cm lost but not so much wieght, and the disappointment might set you back.

    Just my thoughts! Good on you for your success!

  7. I think you should do what you find comfortable. If you don't want to weigh yourself yet then don't. You could always use the method of trying on the same pair of pants/skirt each week at the same time and see whether it feels looser. That might be less intimidating. Good on you for going, in the long run it has to have weight loss benefits because you are moving more than before.

  8. PS. Had this open to reply to this morning and the other comments weren't there. They replied in the meantime and look, they suggested the same thing!

  9. Judging how you clothes fit sounds quite a good idea but if you are like me and wear loose fitting garments it is almost impossible to tell if you are losing weight (unless you lose a stone or two...ooops, sorry 5 or 6 kg).
    Sure if you are only a few kgs overweight your clothes will tell as you probably have been wearing fitted clothing anyway but.....

  10. Thanks everyone for your great comments. I have decided that I need to only focus on getting fit. I don't actually have any scales in the house but was thinking of buying some. I won't do that know, but when I go to my doctor's for a checkup in early April I may decide to pop on her scales then - I also might not - time will tell. Most of my clothes are really loose anyway so it is hard for me to judge on clothes alone as I tend to wear loose flowing tops and baggy pants. Well off to the pool again now. Hugs xxx



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