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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Photo A Day - February Challenge - Day 18

While we were in Melbourne last November, I stopped at a little gift shop in South Bank to try and find some candles to give as a birthday present. While I was wandering around checking out some amazing bits and pieces, I saw a flash of orange tucked behind some other stuff.

It was so pretty and so orange with sparkly grey leaves. I move lots of stuff out of the way and look what I found.

This amazing bag, it really is this orange and I love it. Of course being so orange there are a few things I can't be wearing if I want to use this bag as they clash, but only a few. Don't you just love it? I asked the lady who worked there, was it tucked away for a reason, she didn't seem to think so. However I know it was tucked away for a very good reason - it was just waiting for me to find it.


  1. That us a great bag :) I love the colour also :) great find.

  2. Yay! A bag that waited for you to come along, LOVE it!!

  3. Gorgeous! A stand-out bag makes you feel so spesh. Even if it does clash LOL. I had a beautiful unique bag from a Xerox trade show, of all things (with a huge butterfly on it, just stunning) and often got comments on it. Until one awful night, I went to the movies and left it there! It was never returned :(

  4. And it looks even better in person 2 xxxx



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