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Monday, February 22, 2010

Memories on Monday - Too Cool For School

I just love these photos - all taken between May 1971 and Jan 1973 - I left school at the end of Year 10, aged 15 and ready to conquer the world. I always loved being out there in what I wore, so here is a quick run down the various stages of being "Too Cool For School"

July 1971 - Hippy stage just turned 16 - long floral cheesecloth dress and plaits
I wore a lot of cheesecloth in this stage and those little plaited raffia pretend shoes that consisted of a loop of raffia around your toe with a cute raffia flower and then plaited raffia that tied behind your heel - no sole just bare feet!

Midi and boot stage aged 16 - black patent tie up boots worn with lots
of midi skirts and tops

My hair at various stages was a little 'mulletish' I suppose

My purple stage, about 16 although maybe a bit younger (no date on back of photos),
purple paisley midi dress with fringed leather worked suede tie belt (you can just see the fringing if you look closely) with purple cardi and lots of gypsy bangles

My "I want to be alone stage" - following a bad perm (lets not even go there I am still mentally scared) there was the head scarf and jeans stage somewhere around 16

Moving into the military stage - green hounds-tooth coat with
double-breasted buttons around 17

My mini and platform shoes stage - alternated with the midi stage for quite a while and in this photo the mini is quite conservative - some of my minis should have been called tops I think!! Aged between 16 and 17

Still in the mini stage, I loved this dress, it was black with lime green and pale blue flowers and lime green trimming, made out of a really sheers fabric. Age around 16-17.

And me still in a mini on 9th February 1973, the day I came home with my eldest daughter, aged 17 1/2, that is her carry basket you can just see in my hand.

Its a shame I don't have photos of some of my other stages, my Mum crocheted me this amazing yellow and orange shaggy vest, I had the most 'to die for' long purple crepe dress that zipped up the middle and was embroidered with a satin butterfly that framed a fairly low V neck, then there was my maroon hot pants that I wore with black stockings and black boots - those were the days my friends, those were the days.


  1. Oh Karen these photos bring back such great memories of you growing up. You were certainly quite a girl. xx

  2. wow ....can so see Christie in you in those pics!!! Thanks for sharing them ..they are awesome xxx



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