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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Photo A Day - February Challenge - Day 9

Pretty Things Part 1

This pretty thing is a recent addition to my house, not to the family, but to my house. Last Thursday I called in to see my Mum and she was going through and packing away some of the bits and pieces she no longer uses. She is packing them off to the op shop. She has kept a few things for me if I wanted them including this crystal salad bowl - I love the shape.

This salad bowl has a history - it was my Grandma Win's and is at least 60 years old and still in pristine condition, even though Mum assures me it was used regularly. Mum still remembers Grandma putting an inverted saucer in the bottom, then shredded lettuce and layers of sliced tomatoes on top. Apparently the cucumber was in another bowl! I asked Mum why the saucer, and she told me that any moisture collects under the saucer and stop the salad getting soggy. Well I never!!

I love the way the crystal is picking up the colours of my wooden table and the wall behind it.

Tomorrow will be another pretty thing with history.


  1. I love it when my Mum cleans out her cupboards - I have inherited some amazing pieces this way. That is a beautiful bowl!

  2. That's actually a very good idea. Hey, I wanted to ask you a small favour - to collect some of the photos you've taken from all over Australia and send to me? Like e-mail them to me or something... I would love to have some more photos except the ones (about 4000, heh) I've got.

    Would that be possible? I really want to print some nature photos and have on my wall and outside my room in our corridor.


  3. I am not so glad I offered you the bowl. It is very beautiful and so different from modern items. Hopefully you will also pass it on again when it is perhaps 80 or 90 years old. xxx

  4. I did it again!!!! Put not instead of now (so glad). It is a typing fault that has haunted me throughout my life. It is a beautiful photo of the bowl and I really am glad you have it. Sorry about the typo. lol

  5. Hi Kelly - there are another 2 I got on the same day - will post photos of those later with the story of where they come from.

    Hi Sofie - yep, glad to send some photos, they may be too big to email so I could burn to CD if you like. Can you email me your postal address?

    Yep Mimsie, sort of thought you had done the old typo trick - LOL xxx



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