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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Photo A Day - February Challenge - Day 28

Well the last day of February sees my last series of photos.

Looking back I seem to have done way too many of the "My Stuff" photos - I apologise for that, but with getting up early for swimming, then working all day, I sort of run out of time to take any photos so that leaves me with inside photo taking options.

Given how hot the last week has been and so that I don't bore you too much I have done a few from the archives as well. I am sure the challenge is supposed to be a photo you have taken that very day - so in that sense I guess I failed. In the sense of actually posting each and every day, well I did that so I guess that means I achieved that goal.

This last series of photos were taken tonight, while driving to the beach to have pizza (hubby was driving at 100kph so they may be a little blurry - he was on the freeway so not speeding). I was hoping to get a sunset photo to share but we were too late and the sun was down before we got there.

Sunset clouds - and that is not a UFO - just a dirty spot on hubby's windscreen - LOL

My city - Perth - taken from the freeway bridge over the beautiful Swan River

The full moon rising over the city - you need to look carefully

The moon out the back side window of the car

I just love full moons, although this little point and shoot camera has not done it justice in any way, shape or form. It has made it just a little dot of light, when with my naked eye is was huge with it's smiling face shining down on me.

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