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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Another Blog Award

Kellyansapansa has passed the Beautiful Blogger Award my way - thanks so much Kelly. So I need to list 7 interesting facts about me - getting harder given my recent lists but here goes.

1. I love butterflies, wombats and pelicans - seeing any of these creatures in real life soothes my soul. I love that butterflies are so fragile and yet they fly in all sorts of weather, plus they are so pretty to watch. I love that wombats are short and squat and determined - I somehow relate to that. I love the fact that pelicans are the most ungainly creatures on land, but to watch them fly, to see them soar on the thermals gives me hope that I too can reach whatever goals I set.

2. I want to have straight hair, but am too chicken to have it done in case I don't like it and it takes forever to get curly again.

3. I love the full moon, when there is a full moon I open the blinds so if I wake up I will be bathed in moonlight.

4. Mosquitoes love to bite me - they will do so even if I am sitting on top of a citronella candle and have been know to bite me through my clothes!

5. I am an introvert who has learned to cope in the world by being extroverted - but then run home and hide in my own space.

6. I love driving with the wind in my hair - probably already told you that one, but I LOVE it.

7. I have a favourite colour, want to guess what it is? I will tell you in photos by the end of this week - so stay tuned.

Now I am supposed to pass this on to 7 other bloggers but rather than do that I am going to pass it on to all of you how take the time to visit and comment. If you are lurking out there, delurk and let me know so I can visit you - as I bet you are a beautiful blogger too.


  1. Hey - those are great facts! I totally sympathise on #2. Have you thought of having it blow dried straight by a hairdresser so you can see what it looks like?

  2. Firstly I thought purple, then on deeper reflection it changed to magenta or maybe violet.

    But then I decided:

    Marigold to go with your sunshining nature and natural warmth! Am I close? Huh, am I, huh?

  3. Oh my giddy Aunt!

    #2 = Me!
    #3 = Me!!
    #4 = Me!!!
    #5 = Me!!!!

    My family are all extroverts, I really never fit in with them. I always wondered why but then later in life found that I was an introvert living with a bunch of extroverts. I do seem to be an extrovert when people meet me but after a while those introvert traits are so much more noticeable.

    I think your favorite colour might be blue, but....someting tells me yellow.

    And you can have your pelicans. Those birds scare the crap outta me! LOL

  4. Oh and pssst... pop over to my blog to get your newest blog award! :D

  5. I can relate to the introvert one too :) . I will guess the colour pink..light pink or maybe pale yellow (and my guess is based on nothing but a whim :p I am a new reader of your blog and love your work :) )

  6. Oh, some of you are so close to guessing my favourite colour, so I will have to post tomorrow and show you more.

    Thank you Donna for the blog award - and for the beautiful words you wrote. xxx

    Kelly, I do have it straightened by my hairdresser and I love the look, but I'm not sure I would love it if I had to work at it each day. The one good thing about curly hair is wash it, comb it and let what happens happen - LOL.

    Hi Jen, I just found you as well and I am enjoying visiting often.



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