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Friday, February 19, 2010

Photo A Day - February Challenge - Day 19

Here we are 15 years on from the Photo A Day - Day 16 shot. Both of us a little older and just as I thought, it was like we had seen each other yesterday rather than 12 years or so ago.

Oh and please excuse the fact we are both squinting, it was awfully glarey out today.

It was so wonderful to see each other again and to catch up on each other's news. Now I am only working .8 I will make sure we stay in touch after all it is only 1hr 45 mins drive down to Bunbury.


  1. Great to see you had fun with your friend, what a great reunion!

  2. What a lovely photo of you both and never mind the squinting. Dorothy is just as I imagined she would be and I am so pleased you saw each other again and do, please, keep in touch. You were always good for each other. I would love to have a copy of that pic....can you either make me a print or email it to me please.

  3. Oh lovely! I loved your tribute to Dorothy & I love the photos too.

  4. How fabulous to catch up with an old friend!

  5. LOvely new photo Kakka :) . You two have not changed too much at all :)

  6. How lovely to finally have a face to put to a name that makes me feel warm just thinking it. :-)

  7. Oh, I'm so glad you had a nice visit! Thanks for the update. I have a friend like that, even when we haven't seen each other for years, whenever we reunite, the years between melt away!

    THAT's the true test of friendship, I think!

  8. It was a wonderful day ...thankyou so much!! Mum had a great time xxxx



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