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Thursday, February 25, 2010

PHoto A Day - February Challenge - Day 25

Well tonight I am just too tired and hot to have arranged a photo, so here are a couple that I love from the archives. Taken around 6 months ago at my eldest grand-daughter's 13th birthday party where she took all of us and some friends bowling.

But C I want to come with you, don't leave me here alone with my wedge and these strangers

Now this is the way you can bowl little I, seeing you're not big enough to pick up the ball

2009 was the year my 2 grand-daughters got to live in the same State, the past 12 months has been wonderful, seeing the big and the little love each other so much.


  1. Gorgeous!

    Oh, and do you know that I just realised that I haven't been following your blog! I know - how RUDE! I could have sworn I was, and was wondering why you were so quiet...

    Situation remedied now xx

  2. So sweet! And I LOVE her cute skirt! What a doll!



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