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Saturday, February 6, 2010


So yesterday I went and bought some bathers - well there are 4 pieces to these bathers as I have trouble getting bathers to fit my body shape - sigh.

There is a swim bra, some swim knickers with a little skirt and a ruched swim top and a little pair of swim shorts. All in black - plus I bought some really lovely (3 in fact) cotton cover up tops which are so nice I think I might wear them at other times too.

But the reality is, I look like a black sausage that has very white legs, the swim pants are a little big I realised when I got home and it is a good thing I bought the little shorts, otherwise there are bits of me that no one should see that might flash to the world - if you get my drift - sigh.

Now I know I will never look like this (I don't think I did even when I was a size 12 back when I was a teenager).

Image : fotosearch.com

I sort of look my like this from the back - but it is the front view that worries me - I am telling you people - a very lumpy sausage is the best I can do in sharing without actually taking a photo and that I am not prepared to do.

Image : fotosearch.com

So will this be another waste of money, will they languish in my wardrobe while I continue to wear my very loose top and long (below the knee) leggings to swim in. I just think that I may draw more attention to myself looking like a sausage than I do swimming in clothes - sigh.

Now my hubby, bless his cotton socks, says I look fine - but he loves me so I can't trust his opinion, I can only trust the mirror - and that my friends scares even me - sigh.


  1. I think its great that you bought the baithers. Good on you. Thats step 1. Also, fabulous that you are continuing with the water walking, you are doing so great!

  2. Don't focus on the negatives, remember that this is a means to an end. Keep it up and you will be looking fab and feeling confident in no time!

  3. Remember this isn't about other people, this is about you. You getting fit. How you choose to dress is completely up to you, too bad what other people think - clothes or bathers, it doesn't matter, it is about you taking positive action to get fit. For yourself.



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