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Friday, February 5, 2010

Photo A Day - February Challenge - Day 5

So I am cheating a little today, using photos that I have taken previously (as in not today) to let you know a little more about my life. I work in graphic design but not in publications, my work involves large format interpretive (not in language but in interpreting the environment) panels and signs, plus risk/danger signs and Park Boundary, Site ID and directional signs - my staff and I pretty much do it all.

So when visiting national parks and reserves in other States (that is where most of my panels end up here in WA) I tend to examine and photograph signs - my hubby is very patient as I look behind them to see how they are supported, or touch them to work out what process has been used and then discuss them with him - he is riveted (not - but patient - yes).

So when I see quirky risk signs - out comes my trusty camera - this one was in Victoria.

I have also spent the best part of the last 3 years working on developing the new sign system that will take WA National Parks and Reserves away from timber routed signs into aluminium, hence this these of photos (also taken in Victoria).

So if one day you are out and about in a National Park or Reserve or really just about anywhere and you see some crazy lady taking more than a passing interest in some sort of sign - it most likely will be me - so yell out Kakka and if I answer, won't we both get a shock - LOL.


  1. I remember when I had been at the Pinnacles and I took a photo of the sign, not knowing that you had designed it. Now, that's one of my favourite photos from that day xx

  2. I remember you showing me that photo and getting a surprise when I told you I had done the design. Miss you Sofie. xxx



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