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Monday, February 8, 2010

Photo A Day - February Challenge - Day 8

Okay, I am cheating again here, I did not take this photo today, but I did take it not so long ago. Clouds fascinate me, I love blue skies with white wispy clouds, I actually like the sky much better when it has some character. I get sick of sunny blue skies just endlessly appearing overhead - bring on the wispy summer clouds with interesting patterns and let me lie back on my sun-lounge and watch them skim across the sky - what a way to relax.

Then last night look what I spied and just had to take some photos of to share with you - just beautiful - what wonderful things nature shares with us if we take the time to look.

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  1. When we briefly lived in the UK we lived near the birthplace of Constable. He was known for painting clouds for a long time and there were tons of his cloud paintings in the galleries around the place. I had been a fan of his for a long time so it was a real buzz to live so close. Suffolk was known for its cloud formations so we got to live amongst Constable's clouds!



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