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Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Munchkin

Today my littlest grand-daughter turns 2. She is a blessing in the true sense of the word. You can not help but smile and laugh when around this little princess.

She is an old soul, been here before and knows what she is doing and why. I made sure I was in Sydney when she was born - on her time schedule and about 8 days late and even then was not in a hurry to make an entrance into the world. The photo below is my first meeting with my munchkin - only a few hours old and yes she is checking me out, even the paediatrician who checked her said "she has been here before".

In this photo she has been home for maybe a day or two and already relaxed and comfortable with her Mum and Dad.

This photo was taken just before I left to come home to Perth and she was 14 days old and yes she is chatting to me - I am telling you - she has been here before.

Happy Birthday Munchkin, my heart is full of so much love for you sometimes it hurts.


  1. Gorgeous photos, happy birthdy little I

  2. Is a ten year age gap too much for marriage? Those photos remind me of Boy 1 in the early days. But he turned 12 end of January (another Aquarius methinks?).

    We may need to talk in a couple of decades...
    PS She is beautiful just like her grandmother.

  3. Will you tell the birthday kid (and her parents) that I said happy happy happy birthday? And that I miss them all a lot :)

  4. Hi Sofie I certainly will pass on your birthday wishes, we are having a little party this afternoon. xxx

  5. LOL Madmother - the distance for meeting (different sides of Oz) maybe more of a problem than the 10 years age gap. xxx

  6. They are beautiful pictures. You have a beautiful granddaughter. Happy birthday to her!

    PS - Madmother, I'm marrying a man 10 years older than me, so you're set!

  7. Absolutly gorgeous pictures thanks for sharing xxxx



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