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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Photo A Day - February Challenge - Day 20

Okay, so I know I am cheating, this photo is not from today - no rain here in Perth, but I have been busy (out shopping people, got a new beach towel for my water walking, 2 new lamps for the bedroom, new cordless phones for the house and other bits and bobs) and now it is late so not much to photograph.

There is a story to this photo, one winter's morning I awoke (which is good otherwise I would have been dead - LOL) and as I was standing looking out of the bedroom window I spied what appeared to be something hanging on our clothesline. It had enough substance to make me think it was one of my hubby's hankies, but then I though it is too big for a hanky? So I stood there a while longer contemplating this object which was wafting in the gentle breeze.

I was perplexed, I had bought in all the washing a few days before, I certainly hadn't hung anything on the line. So I asked my hubby and he hadn't either. Further investigation was in order. Imagine my amazement when I got to the line and found this beautifully formed jewel encrusted spider web. I just had to race inside and get my camera. It was such a gloomy morning that the flash went off and so the jewels glimmered even more.

It was like having my own diamond necklace, spun for me by an admirer and left for me to find upon wakening.


  1. What a gorgeous photo - do you wash all the cobwebs in your house?

  2. A secret admirer..leaving you diamonds, no less. Beautiful.

  3. Beautiful, thanks for sharing those photos and the story too.



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