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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Photo A Day - February Challenge - Day 21

When I first started on my quest to get fit I went to the pool in my leggings and a loose top wearing an old bra and knickers. During the first week I bought a noodle - a nice bright orange one - so I could deep water walk.

In the third week I bought some bathers - took me up to the 4th week before I would wear them without a loose top, but most of week 4 and all of week 5 I have been 'topless' so to speak. Just my bathers and me in the water with my trusty noodle.

But something was still missing! I was using an old bath sheet for a towel and it just wasn't right, so this weekend I bought myself a beach towel - not just any old beach towel this one is 180cm by 100cm (6ft x 4.5 ft), it is soft velour and so lovely to wrap myself in. Today I christened it at the pool and here is my photo of the day - my new towel drying on the line.

I think I am finally starting to feel like a real swimmer/water walker and not a fraud.


  1. NOW you have, as they say, ARRIVED!!! Congrats on your latest purchase, it's GORGEOUS!!

  2. What a great towel! I love the feeling of wrapping myself in a huge towel after a swim, it's the best feeling. You'll be out there strutting around in skimpy bathers before you know it!



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